HAF Code of Conduct

In accordance with Hillsong Africa Foundation’s Child Protection Policy all ‘staff, volunteers and others’ (as defined by the scope) are required to read, agree and adhere to the following Code of Conduct.
I, as a Hillsong Africa Foundation staff member/volunteer/other agree that while carrying out any project related activities:
I will:
  • Treat children and young people with respect.
  • Listen to children and take their concerns seriously and communicate with children in an appropriate manner that shows respect and reflects our CPP (this includes by all verbal and written means).
  • ….


I will not:

  • Cause physical harm to a child. All forms of corporal punishment are forbidden. This includes smacking, hitting or physically assaulting a child.
  • Humiliate, put down, abuse or shame children either verbally or through my actions.
  • Allow a child to play in an area that could lead to the child’s harm
  • EVER be alone with a child or take children into solitary quiet places alone.
  • Develop sexual relationships with children or commit any sexual acts with children.
  • ….