Our Process

The typical Connect Consulting process is as follows:

Enquiry Phase

  • Demo or
  • Workshop


Design Phase

  • Consult
  • Discuss
  • Cost Estimate

Build Phase

  • Build
  • Train
  • Go Live

Support Phase (optional)

  • Sys Admin Support
  • Annual Review

Please contact us for more info on these options.

Are we the right consultants?

We carefully select the clients we work with to ensure a good match between the client’s expectations and our abilities as consultants.

  • Do you have executive buy-in?


  • Do you have a clear project leader – someone who will gather input from your team and also become the system administrator
  • Are your business processes stable? We’ll help you document them but they must not be in a state of constant flux.

  • Is your staff team stable?


  • We work best on evaluating your entire information system.